As proud Burlingtonians, we’re so happy to answer this question! Both Cathy and Tanya live in Burlington, and they absolutely love it. We also have a second home here at our downtown Burlington office which everyone is invited to come visit us at! Here’s why we love Burlington:

So Much to Do!

Burlington has developed from a quiet bedroom community to a savvy, revitalized waterfront city. Strategically located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Burlington offers a quality of life that is second to none with great schools, shopping, dining, recreational facilities, parkland, festivals and nightlife all available within the city. The lake is accessible to all with Spencer Smith Park being…

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At the Rocca Sisters Team, we frequently get questions from clients and friends about various aspects of the home selling and home buying process.  We often get asked about the meanings of words that are used during the process of buying or selling your home, so this week we are going to give some definitions to these frequently used words.

Frequently Used Real Estate Buzzwords

As in any industry, there are buzzwords and vocabulary that are unique to residential real estate. When you put your home on the market, you should know what these mean. Here are definitions for the most common terms:

  • Fair market value: the is an estimate of how much a specific home will sell for in…

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The Bank of Canada has made an expected move by increasing its target interest rate by 0.25%, raising it from 4.75% to 5% this morning. It's been quite a while since the Bank Rate stood at 5% - we last saw it in 2001.

It seems there are three main reasons behind this line of thinking and why this may mean that the bank will now take a break and maintain steady rates in the upcoming months.

Firstly, today's increase is mainly driven by the fact that inflation in Canada remains higher than what is considered healthy for both Canadians and the overall economy. However, the good news is that the inflation situation is improving.

Secondly, central banks worldwide are employing a key strategy to combat inflation, which involves making…

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Here at the Rocca Sisters Team, most of us are animal lovers who consider our four-legged (and in some cases three-legged!) furry friends important members of our families. Now that the summer weather is finally here, we want our pups to be able to enjoy the outdoors in our community. We’ve compiled a list of off-leash dog parks and other dog friendly spots in Burlington that your dog is sure to dig!

1. Bayview Park, 1800 King Road 

Located in Aldershot, and offering exceptional views of Burlington and Burlington Bridge, Bayview Park, often known as W.A.G. (Where Animals Gather) Park, features a leash free area, model airplane clubhouse with an airstrip and a baseball diamond making it a fun…

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We compile Monthly Market Stats for Burlington, Oakville Hamilton, Greater Hamilton and Burlington Condos. See the latest June update HERE!

If you have any questions about the market or any stats for your area - you can always contact us for more information. We are always here to help get you information about your neighbourhood and what your specific market looks like! 

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A green lawn in the nicer months of the year adds such great curb appeal and interest to your home. It requires some know how but taking care of your lawn can be simple and rewarding! Here are some tips for all-natural lawn care.

Start with the soil
Check the quality by taking a handful and squeezing it. If it crumbles, add some nutrient-rich compost in spring and fall. If it’s sandy, add some hummus to help it hold water. Check the pH too. Most garden centres offer this service. If it’s less than 6 or 7, add some lime.

Use the right grass
Clover and fescue are good for dry summers, and bluegrass and ryegrass are ideal for areas that get lots of sun. For shady spots, try fescue or a groundcover like periwinkle…

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