As summer winds down, it's a perfect time for a home checkup. GET READY FOR FALL by taking care of these essential tasks:

  1. Check Windows: Look for cracks and leaks. tend to weep holes by cleaning with a paper clip.

  2. Update Entryway: Add slip-proof mats to wipe of shoes and a shoe rack or tray to keep wet shoes on. Add a protective rug that can take a bit of seasonal abuse

  3. Maintain Door Locks: Use powdered-graphite lubricant to prevent sticking doors when the weather gets cold. You can do this on your home locks as well as your car door locks.

  4. Deep-Clean Carpets:  Use or rent a carpet extraction cleaner to thoroughly remove dirt and debris and to rid the flooring of moisture before the wet season begins.

  5. Refresh Indoor Lighting: As daylight becomes shorter, switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs to help save energy.

  6. Tend to HVAC: Replace filters to save energy and prevent damage. An easy fix is to swap these filters out with new ones every season change to proactively maintain your heating and cooling system.

  7. Prepare the Fireplace: Clean it before lighting a fire or consider professional servicing.

  8. Pest Control: Since pests can seek cover when the outdoor conditions start to change, think about calling a pest professional to make sure your home is readied to ward them off or do some research on how to do it yourself. As weather shifts, critters often seek homes for warmth and food and getting ahead of any issues with pests is a smart move.

  9. Flush Water Heater: Take your time to research how to handle this on your unit because each has its own best practices, or an expert is always a quick call away to help with routine maintenance.

  10. Insulate Pipes: Prevent freezing with added insulation in places like basements or attics where pipes are more exposed.  Insulation keeps a pipe close to the water temperature inside the pipe.

  11. Get Fall Supplies: Replace cooling gear with heaters. Make sure you have plenty of fuel on hand if needed. This is also a great time to change your overhead fans to spin clockwise, which draws up cool air and sends down warm air.

  12. Change Detector Batteries: Replacing detector batteries isn't necessarily a fall task, but it tends to get pushed back until the end of the year. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to stay safe this fall.


If you have any questions about maintaining your home for fall and winter or if you need.


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