Cathy & Tanya Rocca

Cathy & Tanya - The Rocca Sisters Team

A Family Legacy of Real Estate Success

Meet the Rocca Sisters -  a legacy built on trust, innovation, and exceptional service! We are Cathy and Tanya Rocca, daughters of the legendary Pat Rocca, who pioneered our family's real estate journey in the early 1950s. Our father left an incredible mark on the Atlantic Maritime provinces with RGL Enterprises (Rocca Group Ltd.), one of Canada's largest Maritime development companies. As a testament to his dedication, he earned the title "The King of the Malls" in the Atlantic provinces

Growing up, we were inspired by our father's passion for the industry and the impact he had on countless lives through construction and real estate development. Today, as two of the most respected, talented and sought after real estate professionals in the GTA and Southern Ontario, we're proud to continue our family's tradition of excellence.

About Cathy 



Born and raised in New Brunswick, Cathy Rocca is a passionate and driven real estate professional with a Commerce degree from McMaster University. Over the years, Cathy's determination and hard work propelled her to be ranked as one of the top business owners within a major franchise for 12 consecutive years. This remarkable achievement shaped her journey, as she discovered her true passion for helping others achieve their dreams.

After venturing into the home decor field, Cathy honed her skills and realized that combining her innate talent with her professionalism could create something truly magical for her clients. As a result, Cathy became the go-to expert for those seeking to buy or sell their homes, offering a unique blend of experience and heart.


As Cathy continued on her path, she developed an unwavering commitment to her clients. Her mission, "Helping You Help Yourself," became a guiding principle, reflecting her dedication to quality, integrity, and responsiveness. 

With the support of Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services, Cathy's journey flourished, and she became known as a trailblazer in the industry. As one of the first accredited staging professionals, her innovative approach to showcasing homes set her apart, attracting top-dollar offers in record time.

Today, Cathy's story continues in the beautiful city of Burlington, where she lives with her loving husband Peter, a fellow Rocca Sisters Team member, and their two wonderful children. Together, they write new chapters in the lives of their clients, helping them embark on their own incredible journeys. Allow Cathy to be a part of your story, guiding you through the exciting world of real estate and making your dreams a reality.

About Tanya




Tanya, like her sister Cathy, has called the beautiful city of Burlington home since 1988. Growing up in this vibrant community, she gained a deep appreciation for all the wonderful experiences and opportunities it has to offer.

Tanya's journey led her to pursue her passion for hospitality, graduating from York University and Humber College with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her natural enthusiasm for helping people, unwavering commitment to customer service, and exceptional sales skills opened a new chapter in her life as a successful business owner.

With a heart of gold and a dedication to giving back, Tanya became an active member of various foundations and charities. Over the past 20 years, her marketing and sales expertise has significantly contributed to the causes she holds dear.


Tanya's unique blend of hospitality and sales experience, combined with extensive international marketing training and sales management awards, has shaped her into an invaluable asset for her clients in the competitive real estate market. As an accredited staging professional, Tanya infuses her Maritimer charm into her work, offering clients a genuine, down-to-earth approach and nurturing trusting relationships throughout the real estate process.

Together with her loving husband and two beautiful children, Tanya continues to call Burlington home, cherishing the community and the countless stories it has helped her weave. Allow Tanya to be a part of your story, guiding you with her expertise, warmth, and genuine passion for real estate.