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Everyone has a story.

Our story is about our mother, Joan Rocca.

Having raised us in a strict Italian Irish Roman Catholic home, mom's mission was to bring up three happy, loving and successful children – she succeeded. She committed her life to us and we were blessed to be part of our parents' loving devotion for the 45 years of their marriage.

Joan was a remarkable role model, putting others ahead of herself, always giving and less concerned about the return. She loved people, taking time to make their day special. Her smile and bubbly personality was contagious. She saw the world through unique eyes and her passion for nature and animals was defined by a rare understanding of God's miracles in all of this. She was fascinated with exploring and enjoying the simple things in life, and in this, found her peace. She was an inspiration to those who knew her and that inspiration still lives on.

We cherish the years we had with our mom and like everyone who loses a loved one, our time was cut much too short. We yearn to embrace her each and every day.

In May of 2004, our mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer by chance during a routine checkup. Like most women who suffer from Ovarian Cancer, even when detected early, only 50% of them have a year to live. Mom's cancer was already at stage 3 to 4. In true character, with her great determination and strong faith she fought hard for five years and gave us her best.

Our love for our mom, and her courage, has inspired us to reach out to those in our community who have lived with, or are living with cancer. Women like our mom, families like ours. We all have a story, and our stories should inform our course in life. If you would like to join us in our desire to educate others, raise awareness and help continue research for a cure, please contact us at 905.335.3042, or roccahomes@royallepage.ca

Creating Sanctuaries in Our Community

Giving back to the community is a desire, and passion, held by many and sometimes it takes a life changing personal experience to move that passion and drive to a deeper level of giving – being “called to a cause” close to your heart redefines your true gift of giving.

As part of our initiative we began going into families homes who have a loved one suffering from cancer and who needed to create a peaceful santuary that boasted all the things they love. We worked with families to create this special space and to make their treatment and journey comfortable.

We reached out to family, friends and clients for their help and we were truly touched by their responses. We received generous donations of many things including hand knit blankets. One of our clients wrote a book on living with cancer and gifted us several copies for the people we have had the opportunity to meet.

We know first hand how important family is. We also know how difficult it can be to see a loved one suffering. We remember bringing the sweet simple pleasures of life alive and creating a light in our Mom that had sometimes seemed dim.

We're appealing to anyone in our community who could use our assistance or who knows someone who could. You may simply want more info or wish to become involved. We encourage you to visit our website, read our story and contact us directly at roccahomes@royallepage.ca or 905-335-3042.




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