With Mother’s Day here, our own mother, Joan, the matriarch and strength of our family comes to mind with fondness. She truly is an inspiration in all that we do. We also realize, sometimes with trepidation, that we are now the light for our generation of little ones. We have the profound role of being “mom” to those tiny people that we have brought into the world and it is a role we cherish. 

Cathy is a proud mother to son Gianluca and daughter Vienna, and Tanya is mother to daughters Quinlan and Alissa. Real Estate is a demanding profession. There are no 9-5 or weekends off like most other jobs have. Likewise, motherhood is, as it should be, all-encompassing. So we are constantly working on perfecting work-life balance. It is not always easy but we make time for what is important to us, and family is the most important thing. 

While there is no way to be a perfect mom, there are a million ways to be a good one. Here are a few tips for our fellow moms in time for Mother’s Day:

  1. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.
  2. Remember to take time to live life, it will inspire your work
  3. Schedule your priorities – this will keep you on track
  4. Make time for serendipity – when the unexpected pops up, go with the flow
  5. Build your community – friends & family will help you if you just say “please”
  6. Enjoy the great outdoors – crucial with little ones
  7. Exercise – make this a priority!
  8. Bend the rules – that’s right, you’re in charge!
  9. Say “no” and move on

Now, we are not saying these are rules you have to live by, although they can be if you want them to be. All we are saying is that although you may have many hats you are wearing, such as mom, wife, maybe even boss, it is still nice to have someone in your corner giving you help and reminders whenever you need it. 

So to all of the mothers in the world who are juggling the needs of many, you need to feel confident in the choices you make, measure yourself against your goals, and feel proud of your achievements. Your children look up to you to provide them with a road map in life, so throw your best self out there, and the universe will reward you.

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