The Sound of Music Festival in Burlington: A Preview of Summer's Melodic Celebration

As summer approaches, the scenic waterfront of Burlington will transform into a vibrant stage for the eagerly awaited Sound of Music Festival. This June 13-16, join us at this beloved event that draws thousands from near and far, all ready to immerse themselves in a diverse musical experience against the backdrop of Lake Ontario.

Like last year, we will be leading the infamous parade on Saturday morning June 15. We’ll have lots of giveaways and treats for everyone at our 530 Brant Street office on the parade route.

You can also find us at the Park all weekend long near the entrance at the base of Brant Street. We’ll have lots of fun, contests and FREE giveaways! 

This year, the festival lineup will offer something for every music enthusiast. From the soulful strums of acoustic guitars to the energizing beats of rock bands, the festival promises a rich palette of sounds. Jazz, folk, pop, and indie genres will be well represented, showcasing both seasoned musicians and emerging talents eager to make their mark.

Visitors will also enjoy an open-air market, where local artisans and food vendors will present their finest creations. The air will be filled with the enticing aromas of gourmet street food, perfectly complementing the rhythmic tunes from nearby stages.

The festival will be a family-friendly affair, with plenty of activities tailored for younger attendees. The Family Zone will feature interactive music workshops and special performances, making it a hit for families seeking a fun and engaging day out. There’s also a Midway with lots of rides, treats and games!

As evening approaches, the atmosphere will charge with excitement for the night's headlining acts. Crowds, a lively mix of locals and tourists, will converge around the main stage, their conversations and laughter mingling under the twilight sky. The headliners, with their dynamic presence, will captivate the audience, ensuring the day ends on a high note.

The Sound of Music Festival in Burlington is more than just an annual event; it's a vital part of the community's cultural fabric. Each year, it grows in size and spirit, bringing together a diverse crowd bound by a common love for music. Whether you're a longtime attendee or planning your first visit, the festival will offer a memorable escape into a world of melodies and camaraderie, promising a perfect start to the summer season.

Contact us for more about the festival or for more information on how to find us! Get more details HERE as well. 905.335.4102 or



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